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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Electronic Product
  • LED Night Light
  • 7 Colors/Changeable
  • Eco-friendly

Product Details

       Product name:Snail Night Lamp


1.Touch switch:

1) Short press snail tentacles: turn on (Low light), medium light, high light, turn off

2)Pressing 1.5 seconds one of snail tentacles: Warm light, white light, seven colorful lights

3) Pressing 1.5 seconds both of snail tentacles: Turn off the light automatically after 30 minutes(Two flashes indicate that the setting is successful)

4)Pressing 1.5 seconds both of snail tentacles again: cancel lighting 30 minutes this function (One flash indicate that the setting is successful),After shutdown , the timing function is automatically removed .


2.State of charge:

1)Automatically turn off the light protection when the power is low

2)Charging process: it keeps flashing warm light

3)Charging process: warm light goes out when you use other function ( but still charging)

4)Fully charged: the warm light goes out

3.Memory function:

Turn off again after the boot, the default is the color mode before the shutdown

(Start from Low light mode, will not remember high light mode)

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