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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Super Safety
  • Long runtime
  • Easy to carry
  • Smart body sensor mode
  • great aid for learning swimming

Product Details

Model: F1

Color: Black, Blue, Yellow (also can be customized)

Single Packing: 71*65*24CM(One set )

Four packing: 71*65*63CM(Four sets )

Surfboard material: HDPE5001 plastic

Surfboard weight: 2.5KG

Surfboard dimension: 70*64*23CM

Porpeller: QTY1-3 PCS for choice

Propeller Voltage: DC24V

Propeller material: Aluminum Alloy

Propeller weight: 0.6KG

Propeller dimension: 13.5*8*8CM

Propeller Installation: Screw type ( anti - clockwise Locking system)

Battery cover installation: submarine cover type, self-locking system

Paddle spec: 6.5CM Diameter

Adaptor: DC26V/2A

Charing way: Touching method(rotate the propeller, then can see the charging Outlet)

Charging Time: 1-3 Hours

Speed: 8KM/Hour

Runtime: 1 hour(the miles can be adjusted by adding or cutting the number of batteries )

Hand control: Press the power button one time

Automatic control: Press the power button twice

Power off: Press the power button third time

waterproof: IP68



As one of our newly-released products, this electric kickboard is specially designed for water sports. It is not only suitable for surfing lovers, but also brings a lot of fun for people who are learning swimming.
This Electric Water Body Board is operated by body intelligent somatosensory, and it can assist people to learn how to swim. It is charged with an adapter or its solar charger. The waterproof rating of this product is up to IP68. It is our patent product. It is good looking, powerful and has several optional configuration as per buyer's request.
Advantages for surfing lovers:
1. PE material of the board with hollow inside. The buoyancy is rather strong for such a small and           lightweight board, keeping users afloat.
2. Easy to carry: Total weight: only 2.5Kgs. With a mesh bag, users could carry the board very easily whereever they go.
3. Scientific design of both sides: The board's two sides are very convenient to keep the balance of the users, preventing the board from overturning.
4. The electric water skateboard is installed with 1 - 3 propellers so that users will have a lot of fun but consuming less physical power.

5. Long runtime: the board works about 1 hour after fully charged. The runtime could be longer if you request more batteries installed in the board. 

Advantages for Kids:
1. Super Safety: The board is made of PE with its hollow inside. This design keeps it always buoyant, very safe for kids.
2. Parents could take care of kids closely with a string buckled to the board when the board is working.
3. Kids never feel boring during swimming learning with this ski board. And it provides a great aid for learning swimming.
Three working modes of propeller:
Mode 1: Smart body sensor mode ( The paddle works by the system of infrared sensor)
Mode 2: The paddle works by pressing the button. ( the paddle working not by the body sensor system, the paddle working by the motor )
Mode 3: Turn off the power by pressing the button.

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